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Discover Comfort and Convenience at Front Street Inn in Crescent City

Discover Comfort and Convenience at Front Street Inn in Crescent City

Are you looking for a cozy and convenient retreat on the Northern California coast? Look no further than Front Street Inn in Crescent City. This charming inn offers everything you need for a comfortable stay, all within minutes of breathtaking coastal views and natural wonders.

Front Street Inn's Location

Front Street Inn is strategically situated, less than a 5-minute drive from the picturesque Crescent City Harbor and the stunning Pacific Ocean. Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of ocean waves, ready to start your day with a coastal adventure.

If you're a nature enthusiast, you'll be delighted to know that Redwood National Park is just a 10-minute drive away. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring majesty of these ancient giants as you explore the park's lush trails and towering trees.

Comfortable Rooms

Each room at Front Street Inn is thoughtfully designed to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay. Inside, you'll find modern amenities to enhance your experience. These include cable TV, a microwave, a small refrigerator, and a convenient coffee machine. Whether you're winding down after a day of exploring or starting your morning with a fresh cup of coffee, you'll feel right at home.

Exceptional Service

Front Street Inn prides itself on providing exceptional service to its guests. With a 24-hour reception, you can rest easy knowing that assistance is always just a call away. Our friendly staff is dedicated to making your stay memorable and hassle-free.

Explore Nearby Attractions

When you stay at Front Street Inn, you're not just close to the coast and Redwood National Park. The enchanting Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge is less than 4 miles away, offering fantastic opportunities for birdwatching and enjoying the coastal ecosystem.

For those intrigued by mysteries, the renowned Trees of Mystery are just a 20-minute drive from Front Street Inn. Discover the peculiar and captivating world of towering redwoods with unusual shapes and features, sure to spark your imagination.

In conclusion, if you're seeking comfort, convenience, and access to some of California's most incredible natural wonders, make Front Street Inn in Crescent City your top choice. Book your stay today and experience all that this delightful inn and its surroundings have to offer. Front Street Inn is your gateway to coastal beauty and Redwood magic in the heart of Northern California.

Plan your visit to Front Street Inn in Crescent City and create unforgettable memories amidst the beauty of this remarkable region.


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