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New York State - A Short Travel Guide!

Best Places To Visit In NY

New York is a state of the United States of America and is well known because of its New York City, which is full of life, and Niagara Falls city. New York is home to many outstanding islands, white Sandy beaches, Central Parks, museums, and delicious eateries. This state is famous because of the panoramic Statue in New York City, Brooklyn Bridge which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, Montauk Lighthouse, Fire Island, and many more!

The art and culture of the state are one of the main reasons for its popularity, which captivates thousands of visitors and makes this state an innovative landmark. The state has plenty of platforms to show your inner artists like Fenimore Art Museum and Rochester Contemporary Art Spot. It is also a land of Olympic games and offers various things to do in New York State. Its top-notch exhibitions and festivals are full of amusement, and many travelers come to attend them. Don’t forget to attend the greatest performing at Shea’s in Buffalo and Saratoga Performing arts. So, check out these festivals and cultural spots and just start your trip!

Best places to visit in New York State

New York is the most populated urban in the US. It is a home of many stunning state and national Parks, panoramic beach landmarks, and many more, which captivate thousands of visitors every year. We have brought you the best places to visit in New York State with all its details and with both the traveler's and expert's opinion and ranking the top places to go to in New York State.

(Note: some places in New York City may be affected by the pandemic situation of COVID-19, so before visiting, don't forget to check the US Department of State and CDC.)

New York City

The Big Apple, which is the charming, crowded and city of all wonders, is the apple of everyone's eye and attracts thousands of travelers. It is a small but charming suburb of New York State. This is a land of lush culture, art, eateries, and sightseeing spots. You'll experience many iconic landscapes and high rising towers. Its vibrant art and culture, street musical concerts, Broadway shows, and many nights of outdoor activities made this city "The city of Night Life." The city has many ways to spend a wonderful day by jungle concerts, The central Park, Rock observation Deck, Rockefeller Center, Conservatory Garden, coffee areas, and many large menus Instagram-worthy eateries. After an enjoyable day, head to Manhattan's town to taste various foods. Don't miss to check out the large American Museum of Natural History to explore the heritage of the city and the US. This is a city that has it all, and what's today here will be something bigger and well tomorrow.

Niagara Falls

This is a paradisal landmark of New York State, flows 31,00 tons of water from the edges every instant. It is a starred attractive destination near the border of Canada. Don’t forget to take the Maid’s Mist boat ride to see every bit of this spot. The visitors also do the steamboating here, and after this must check out the Niagara Falls State Park, Botanical Garden, Casino, and Butterfly Glasshouse. Niagara is the perfect honeymoon destination, with lush waterfalls, vineyards like Innis kill winery and Niagara Botanical Gardens are really romantic.


This is a home of beautiful peaks having almost 7 million acres of land, many communities, stunning lakes, a beautiful valley, and tracks. This is located just 290 miles away from New York City from the north, and the northwest just 250 miles away from Boston, and the south just 110 miles away from Montreal city. This is the best spot for water lovers. The visitors can go boating on Lake Tupper, kayaking on Lake Saranac, hiking over 2000 miles long tracks, and skiers can do skiing in Whiteface Mountain on Placid Lake. If the visitor wants to discover the history, this spot has many historical sights, like Fort Ticonderoga, Olympic Museum of Placid Lake. And don’t miss to taste the wine and beer at local and unique breweries and wineries. 

The Catskills

This is the first city of wilderness in America. The city plays a role in the Movement of American Conservation and is home to many mountains and outdoor buffs. Catskill has about more than 700,000 acres of land for the forever wild and brings the wide region for outdoor activities. Catskills presents plenty of opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and many snowy games in the winter season. Not only winter, but summer is also best to visit for the visitors who are interested in hunting, boating, zipping, hiking, and many more! After a fully enjoyable day, and to satisfy your craving for food, head to the different eateries and breweries.

The Finger Lakes

This is a most romantic destination and is a land of natural wonders. This is a place for those who want to relax their soul with scenic scenery. There are plenty of skiing resorts, wineries at Lake Seneca, boating spots, and many hiking tracks at State Park. Its spectacular tumble greenery gives its name to Fingers Lakes. Plus, there are many towns and districts with various seasonal landmarks.

Furthermore, it is a land of 11 glacier lakes which is the main reason that makes this spot a soul relaxing area. It has many outdoor playgrounds spread at 9,000 square miles of land and is a spot of Burgeoning winery. Not only this, but there are many historical places like Corning Museum of Glass, George Eastman Museum, and Strong International Play Museum.

Fire island

This is one of the best places to visit in New York State. And is located 60 miles away from Manhattan. It is a 32-miles longest island with free car barriers. There are many charming societies and foliage. The Ocean beach has plenty of hotels, eateries, traditional and neoclassical shops. Furthermore, the Cherry Grove and Island's Lines are the two friendliest landmarks of the island providing many activities to do here. Fire island is a land of safe and clean seashore land where visitors can opt for camping and keep an eye out peeled for birds. Plus, the visitors can also do surfing, sunbathing, and swimming at Robert Moses Park in the summertime and can enjoy every bit of scenic beaches as well.

Rochester, New York

It ranks third-largest by population city of New York State. It is a superb spot to have fun with family and kids. There are plenty of kid-friendly art centers and museums, like Strong National Play Museum, the second biggest museum for kids in the United States of America, and George Eastman Museums is the oldest photo-worthy museum globally. Plus, the city offers many outdoor activities for kids to amuse themselves during the hot months. Don't miss to visit the 96-foot-tall High panoramic waterfalls and to see the world-famous and largest lilac heritage at Highland Park Conservancy.

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Spring has a history of exploring mineral water by the Mohawk Tribe of India, and now it is considered to have the recuperative ability. This town has bloomed into the most famous spot for vacations. Many of the visitors love to drink mineral springs and soak in them. Almost 12 of them are situated in State Park of the city. Many visitors flock to Saratoga Springs to discover New York's oldest Racing tracks. And don't miss taking a long walk to learn about the heritage of the city and horseracing. And must attend the Traver Stakes event in August.

Long Island 

This is the most visited spot and is 118-miles longest island. This island features white Sandy beaches, different glass wineries with a scenic view and is the perfect relaxation spot. And don’t forget to check out the bounces of sand with the family-friendly environment at Jones Beach State Park, where you can opt for pools for swimming, golfing area, shuffle boarding, and many other things to do. Plus, there is the best place for surfing, like Ditch Plains Beach, and nearly about 73 wine yards and tasting areas, some of which are included in North Fork Wine Pilot.


There are plenty of activities to do for travelers of all types. For culture lovers, the city has plenty of museums, superb art collections, performance venues, and many historical spots like the Everson Art Museum and Syracuse Theater, where many actors play amusing dramas, tables, and many historical stories. For sports lovers, the city has many baseballing grounds like NBT Stadium, many Football and basketball areas like Syracuse University of footballing and Carrier Dome. To explore the wildlife, don’t miss to visit Rosamond Gifford Zoo. 

Letch worth State Park

This is a city of wonders, known as East's Grand Canyon due to its beautiful George, parks, and plenty of outdoor activities, which flocks many visitors every season. The Letch-worth State Park is the land of dozen beautiful waterfalls and 66-miles long hiking tracks. Plus, the park had plenty of opportunities for kayaking, whitewater propelling, horseback, hot air ballooning, and biking. For the winter season, the visitors can amuse themselves with snowmobiling, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing.


It is a small but most visited spot and captivates thousands of travelers every year. Thanks to its American history, which develop the interest of the traveler to visit this city. This is a perfect place for sports lovers, as it has plenty of sports grounds like the National Baseball Ground of Museum and Fame. Plus, the village life offers many other activities for amusement too. The visitors can go to the Fenimore Museum of Art, where they can explore the impressive art galleries and visit the exhibition at Farmers Museum to see the city's agricultural heritage. The city features many architectural and neoclassical buildings and towers like Hyde Hall and many unique wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

Thousand Islands

As its name is fully described, this is a land of many, almost about 1,800 breathtaking islands. This island stretches into the border of Canada, and visitors can visit this border by boating tour. The scenic voyage takes you to the past times in the lush mansions, castles, and lighthouses are real-life adventures. Don't go back without hiking at the tracks in Wellesley Island Park and fishing at Mary Island Park; both of these Scenic spots are present in Wellesley Island.


Ithaca is well known because of Ithaca College and Ithaca Cornell University and made this city “Town of College.” Not only this, this is a town of wonders and natural beauty. It is a small town in New York State having stunning attractions and is also famous as “Gorges Ithaca." It has plenty of attractions includes 150 scenic waterfalls, a gorges forest with old tall tale trees, and wide tracks for hiking and biking. The Cayuga Lake is the best place to see southern shores and is perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing. For science lovers, the town has a beautiful Science center with huge scientific stuff on display and Cornell Botanic Garden to explore the variety of flowers with birds-watching opportunities.

Shelter Island

It is a long and beautiful island located between Long Island and Shelter Island. It features a beautiful atmosphere and is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the state. This island has beautiful Mashomack Preserve, a space of 200 bird view specialty meadows, and is the best hiking spot through the salt marshes. Plus, the island has attractive buildings that belong to the Victorian era, and you’d feel like a king and Queen. Furthermore, the island has plenty of delicious eateries, boutiques, stretches of calm sandy beaches perfect for boating, swimming, and waterboarding like Silver Beach and Crescent Beach.


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