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What Are The Alternative Ways To Book Accommodations?

Huh! What are some excellent alternatives to booking accommodation? Is that what you have been searching for for so long? If yes, then you have hit the exact right place! In this blog, you will get a variety of ways to book a hotel. It doesn't matter what you wanna book, be it is vacation home rentals or any other fanciest hotel; you are bound to find anything here. There are a number of alternatives for booking a hotel or any other accommodation, but the ones we've mentioned below are excellent. So, come along and take a look at them. And next time when you are booking accommodation, make sure to adapt any one of them that matches your interest!

Best Ways of Booking An Accommodation:

Here are the two significant and core ways of booking accommodation!

  1. Direct Bookings:

You have got a little bit of idea of what direct booking is through its name. In direct booking, the booking is made by your own channels; no third party is included.

Let's take an example: if you are generating a booking of a hotel through websites, walk-ins, or over a phone call, this means you are booking through your own. Usually, this sort of booking comes from the hotel's own sale tactics and marketing!

Below we have mentioned some of the best ways through which you can book. Let's get into it! It's not that difficult now!

  1. Booking through Facebook and more:

Mostly, the best way to communicate any brand on an online platform is social media, depending on the effectiveness of this strategy. Most times, the hotels contemplate on their chief target, a business guest, a solo traveler, or a family guest, and depending on this, they offer you different ways of communication.

If you have imagined the best vacation trip, make sure to give a read to the guest's reviews as they could be a great help for you and also the star rating. All you have to do is to hit the BOOK NOW button flashing on your Facebook's main menu page or just install the app so they can let you add the reservations. Facebook has now removed the most hindrances coming in the way of fans!


Make sure to answer the question, "Do you think your object is related to the family vacation, active recreation, romantic trip, or luxury?

Answering this question can make a huge difference in your contact with the hotel!

Bundle Of Important Rules:

Here's a bunch of several important rules:

  • Take advantage of the options to post scheduling on Facebook and plan your object a week earlier to avoid any hassles.
  • Photos and videos best define whatever spot; make sure to look at the best and authentic photos, and then decide.
  • Stick to the way or plan of communication like the type of graphics, style, more and if you wish to build recognition, be consistent.
  • Make sure to be active on the official profile so that you can get the latest information or just comment to know more about the accommodations.
  1. Communication on the hotel's website

One of the most important things that build your trust is the reviews on the official website of the suites or vacation home rentals. The hotel's website serves at its best, so booking through them will be a huge benefit. If you want to make a wise choice, make sure to check out the trusted reviews of the other guests because 96% of visitors consider it a helpful tool. Most of the visitors insert some videos and photos to justify their remarks about the hotel, so make sure to look at them.

You will be provided with the complete details of the hotel with trusted reviews and stars ranging from 2-star hotels, 3-star hotels, 4-star hotels, or any luxurious hotel you want to book. Build communication with the hotel so that you can get to know whatever you wanna know. For instance, if you wish to live in a hotel fitted with a restaurant or a spa or even a Jacuzzi to relax, just ask them directly and wait a while to get the response back. It's all an investment a hotel makes, and luckily it pays off!

And yeah, make sure not to be fooled by any spam.

Top Websites From Where A Hotel Can be Booked!

Let's take a look at some best and remarkable hotel websites from where you can book your accommodations or even rental homes. We've made it easier for you, so let's step into the world of all top-class websites.


It is one of the best sites to book your hotels from. The easy booking procedure and robust technology make it one of the most preferred sites of America. So, book your stays with American Otels and relish the steadfast desire at affordable rates!

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the leading sites and best known for the prime site of reviews, but now it supports direct booking of a large number of hotels.


One of the main websites for booking hotels worldwide is offering hotels of all ranges and at the best rates. It serves Europe and the outside region of the United States of America.

  1. is one of the prime sites that operate, mostly in the United States of America. Here you can get the best discount by saving up to 60% via the hotel deals of the Expedia Mobile Exclusive. Now you can find the finest flights no matter where you are; just hit the BOOK NOW, and you are all done!


Kick-start your journey with to get the best travel experience. You can even download an app on this website to get the best hotel interactive experience. So, book now the 10 flights, and you will be rewarded with one night stay for free!

  1. Agoda:

Make your journey unforgettable with because all the worldly hotels have user-friendly websites which are now in the palm of your hands. Choose one of your choices from 160,000 plus hotels and keep a weather eye on the top reviews from over 1,000,000 every year. This website best works in Asia and even internationals.

  1. Additional incentive – discounts

Make your direct booking more effective by checking out the most two useful ways:

Look for a message which says about discount directly on the website. Probably, there is a higher chance that you will be privileged by the cheaper discounts from whatever site you are booking a hotel. Checking out the packaging or the benefits of staying at their hotels is the best way if you want to pick the right one. Lay your hands on the best deal because sometimes they can be permanent, and sometimes they vanish after the season's end!

Expanded offer for you on the website:

Almost each and every website of the hotels introduces offers of all-inclusive stays. Most hotels offer you far more than just a bed-and-breakfast accommodation such as a restaurant to nourish your tummy, a spa to relax your souls, a recreation area, and even the area encircling the hotel, and all these combine to create a memorable stay. It doesn't matter where you prefer to live in front of the beach in the beach house rentals or any homes; you are bound to find everything about the hotels and their wonderful deals.


Make sure to pre-book your accommodation like in January because as March comes all, the accommodations get filled for the summer vacations!

Go through the transparent descriptions of the offers.

  1. Verbal Mode:

Another way to communicate with the hotel or book a hotel is via verbal mode, or you can say oral communication means over the telephone or going in-person. If you have any doubts, you can clear them directly and get an instant answer to your queries.

Advantages of the Verbal mode:

One of the most highlighted advantages of booking an accommodation via oral communication is you can get immediate feedback and response, which will be very steady and easy. Moreover, you will be able to get complete information about your accommodation without leaving any room for doubts.

Disadvantages of the Verbal mode:

One of the worst cons of communicating through verbal mode is that no records are there as a shred of evidence or proof as verbal communications include everything about the booking conditions and terms.

Let's shed some light on its types:

  1. In-Person:

If you wish to make your reservations for rooms in the future, it will be referred to as an in-person reservation. When you go to the hotel and request a room for whatever period you want to stay, it is known to be a walk-in reservation. Your room will be booked according to what you desire or what you have demand for. They will issue you a confirmation letter and a number if your reservation has been made and assign you a room.

  1. Telephone

One of the most common methods used for direct reservation is calling the hotel directly. All the information is taken by the reservation assistant sequentially as per your desire. Most hotels are fitted with hiring systems, so the call will be recorded, and later they are used for training purposes.

  1. Mobile friendly:

If the above method doesn't convince you, no worries. Here's another way to book your hotel, and that is none other than your handy smartphone. A market trend concludes that most visitors spend a wholesome amount of time on smartphones as checking user planning holidays and more is done via them. Not only hotels' websites will offer you discounts, but also the apps downloaded on smartphones. So if you are one of the visitors who love to do everything on your smartphone, make sure to book your accommodation through them to get better discounts.

The Benefits Of Direct Bookings:

One of the greatest benefits of booking a hotel online is convenience. Regardless of what time of day and night it is, now you can make your travel plan without any hassles and without going to travel agencies. You don't need to talk over the lengthy phone calls and wait until the final call. The direct booking system will allow you to choose from a vast selection of chic hotels. Using online services is the best way for the visitors to get the best possible deals like the best amenities such as shuttle. Moreover, you can choose the best rates that fit your package pockets from the hotel's website, and in that way, you won't have to pay any hidden charges. Moreover, if you book your hotel through online services, you can make any changes whenever you get an update from the hotel's website.

The Disadvantages Of Direct Bookings:

There are no major disadvantages of booking online as it only needs the best and high-speed internet services. Plus, you will not be able to contact hotels directly.

  1. Indirect bookings:

Another way to book accommodation is indirect bookings. Indirect booking is those in which a third party like travel agencies are included. For instance, the big online travel agents abbreviated as OTA, such as Klook, GetYourGuide, Viator, or even through the distribution network send you the booking.

Advantages of indirect bookings

Numerous ways are there through which the hotel can receive your reservation request, such as traditional methods like written mode that includes telex, fax, e-mail, letter, etc.

  1. Letter:

This way of booking is commonly used by travel agents, companies, or tour operators. They send your request to the letterheads of the hotel, and soon your reservation will be made as per your demands mentioned in the letter.

  1. Fax:

It is an electronic technique of scanning. Through facsimile transmission, your document copies will be sent that later print similar copies. In this way, your reservation will be made immediately.

  1. Telex:

Also known as Tele Printer Exchange, this way involves the specialized lines of telephones from where the messages are converted into written form.

  1. E-mail:

It is referred to as one of the most common methods of booking accommodation because all you need is to provide what you wish to have during your stay and hit the SEND button, and you are done!

Last but not least, whether you wish to book a hotel or beach house rentals, the above-mentioned ways will be your absolute help to book any hotel. Through the online platform, booking is now much easier than ever before. It's just a game of some simple taps & clicks, and you are all done. Choose one way of booking that fits go well with you then either it is a verbal mode or online platform and let your fun journey gets off the ground. What's your favorite way of booking?


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